Remembering John R. W. Stott

On Wednesday, July 27, 2011 John R. W. Stott died due to complications with old age (he was 90). According to reports, his last few weeks were spent in relative discomfort.

If you don’t know, Stott was essentially the Protestant Pope. He was a colossal figure in Evangelical Christianity. His writings were widely circulated (just one of his books, Basic Christianity, was translated into 60 languages). His sermons were listened to around the world by hundreds of nations and people groups, Christians and non-Christians alike. His social involvement, helping the poor for example, was also applauded.

Personally, Stott made a huge impression. I remember “finding” him in college and falling in love with his intellectual but simple style. In fact, to this day I require his books for the classes that I teach. So, here are some great recommendations for you to consider. I want to share the wealth, and I hope that God will bless you through Stott as He has blessed me.

Basic Christianity (short, simple, and straightforward)

The Cross of Christ (lengthy, thorough, and theological–and great)

Your Mind Matters (a short, thoughtful book on the Christian thought life)

Issues Facing Christians Today (some 500 pages of issues like war and human rights)




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