Review of How to Overcome Sin Pt 1: “The Prelude”

This Sunday, Nov 11, we turned a corner and began a new series within Romans entitled How to Overcome Sin. The first part, “The Prelude,” introduced us to 3 principles that we all have to adhere to in order to achieve victory over our own struggles. Here they are. Enjoy!

If we’re going to overcome sin, we must:

  1. have a reason – too often, people decide to stop a sin for a thing (like a job opportunity) or a person (like a spouse or a child), but those reasons are pliable. For example, what if you don’t get the job? Is that permission to continue with the sin again? The main reason Christians should overcome sin is God: He is holy, commands holiness from His people, and asks them to live above the bar of mediocrity. God Himself is the reason for us to overcome sin.
  2. take the right steps – obedience is an essential ingredient for overcoming sin. In fact, obedience is the prescription that eradicates sin every time. Sin cannot exist in the presence of obedience.
  3. fight to the death – sin is killing us: spiritually because it separates us from God; mentally because it dulls our wits and wisdom and erodes our ethic; and physically because the symptoms plague us at every turn. Either we kill the sin in our life, or it will kill us. Paul said to Timothy, “Fight the good fight of the faith” (1.6:12).

Join us as we continue this series over the next few weeks.




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