Romans 8 Pt 2 Review

Ocean shore

As an introduction to arguably one of the most important chapters in Romans, I shared this simple, three-point message on the Holy Spirit this weekend.

The Holy Spirit and the Trinity

First of all, He is personal. The names that are given to Him in the Bible demonstrate this reality: the Spirit of truth; the Comforter; the Spirit of understanding; the Spirit of counsel; the Spirit of knowledge. These are personal, not impersonal, characteristics.

Secondly, He has specific responsibilities. For example, according to 1 Corinthians 12:11 the Holy Spirit Himself decides and gives spiritual gifts.

Thirdly, He has always been involved in history and the life of God’s people. From Genesis 1:1-2 to Romans 8:11 the prophets and apostles attest to the presence of God’s Spirit.

The Holy Spirit and the Bible

The Bible is the result of, not only human authors like Matthew and Moses, but the Holy Spirit. 2 Peter 1:20-21 and 2 Timothy 3:16 clearly teach that the Bible is in fact the Word of God penned. To emphasis the importance of this truth, consider, for example, that Jesus Himself never wrote a biblical book. This beckons our trust and faith in God the Holy Spirit as a trustworthy and reliable Author.

The Holy Spirit and Christians 

Christians are not empty. They are moved, guided, directed, empowered, and sometimes “filled” by the Holy Spirit. That being the case, there are some things that should result from His presence. To name a few:

  • holiness – “holy” is a word that typically means “pure,” “clean,” “removed” and His presence should be demonstrated by a marked difference in our lives.
  • fellowship – togetherness is a Christian desire that results from God the Holy Spirit (see 2 Corinthians 13:11).
  • fervor – J I Packer writes, “The Christian scene today in the Western world highlights the importance of attending to the doctrine of the Holy Spirit. The lack of divine energy and exuberance in most congregations . . . is painful to see” (Keep In Step, 236).

Let us consider the Spirit ministry and work in our lives. As long as we neglect Him, we are doing ourselves and the Trinity a great disservice. Sensitivity to His prompting and guidance is exactly how many of the prophets and apostles became the remarkable men and women who we admire today!




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