My Take on Same-sex Marriage

So what is it that everyone wants? Without any surprise whatsoever, there are 2 brazen sides to the same-sex marriage issues (that has now taken on the language of “equality”), each of which seems uninterested in a conversation. 1 group wants to hear yes. The other, no. But perhaps it isn’t that simple. Perhaps the conversation needs to be had outside of this western vacuum that tends to inculcate entitlement and “equality” in some of the most delicate issues of life when equality isn’t seen anywhere else: not in the classroom, not on the field, not in the workplace. And when male and female spouses of differing ethnicities remind the public that their marriage was illegal at one time, they’re forgetting (ignoring?) a larger and more significant factor — the color of their skin doesn’t augment their gender. And congratulations to them — they shouldn’t be forbidden to marry on the basis of their color.

My personal opinion is that this country will have same-sex marriage legalized . . . soon, even if the federal government leaves the final decision up to the states. There’s nothing in our country’s political scene, or version of Christianity (which saddens me), that leads me to think that it has the backbone to reinforce what God originally intended, what some geneticists have labeled as choice, and what practical reason says will end any culture or society prematurely.

It seems to me that we are simply exasperating an issue that our government refuses to entertain, namely, that the deterioration of our society is largely due to the fact that we minimize the influence of the family unit in our systems. Case in point, the event that recently took place in Steubenville, Ohio, where 2 teenagers were convicted of rape. At the conclusion of the case, CNN notes, very “sympathetically” I think, that the absentee father appears at the side of one of the guilty parties, reassuring him of his love, and explains that he’s never been available for or to his son. The father himself said, “I wasn’t around like I should have been in those early years.”

Perhaps the problem is deeper than so-called equal rights. Perhaps the problem is that men aren’t growing masculine men and women aren’t growing feminine women. This is clearly the problem when dominant news organization almost sound sorry for 2 boys who failed to exercise any manhood or self-control whatsoever, almost excusing their inexcusable activity by mentioning that the rape victim was drunk at the party (is that an equal rights comment?) and at least 1 culprit had an absentee father.

Why are we so interested in what’s happening on the surface? Shouldn’t we be seeing what’s happening below it?


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