What My Faith Means to Me – Take the Test

the holy bible

“Examine yourselves, to see whether you are in the faith.”

2 Corinthians 13:5

I often meet people who consider themselves people of faith, meaning their “spiritual,” they believe in God, or a god, or a higher power. The interesting thing, though, is that few of them actually know what this faith means or implies or how it changes their life. I’ve learned that people often talk about some kind of faith but fewer actually live their faith. I want to be the latter.

I want my life to be a life marked by faith. This doesn’t make me perfect or even “better.” I’m not nearly the man that I want to be or should be or could be. But I do know 1 thing: I  have faith in God, and His Son, and His Spirit. I do know that I’ve been saved and am in the process of transformation (albeit a long and tedious process!). My faith compeles me to continue pushing forward when I feel like I’ve been spiritually successful as a Christian (see Philippians 3:7-8). My faith compels me to get up when I’ve stumbled and fallen (see Psalm 37:23-24). My faith compels me to encourage those who, like me, have made their regrettable mistakes but desire to please God nonetheless (see Luke 22:31-32). My faith compels me to prayerfully see this relationship with God through to the end — because He’s committed to me (see Psalm 138:8).

What about you? The Bible wants us to test ourselves occasionally. So take this brief test and think about your answers:

  1. What does your faith mean to you?
  2. Is it such a serious faith that it guides your life, dictates your decisions, and informs how you see the world around you?

Think of and write down examples to assure yourself that you are where you should be spiritually. After all, if our faith doesn’t do these simple things, perhaps it is time to ask how serious our faith really is.




2 thoughts on “What My Faith Means to Me – Take the Test

  1. Amen true faith should should not just affect your Sunday morning schedule. But every fiber of your being. Bro. Albert

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