What the Cross Means for Christians: John Stott Gleanings

“The cross is to characterize all our relationships in Christ’s community . . . and not just the relationship between pastors and people. We are to ‘love one another’. . . .

If the cross is to mark our Christian life in the home and the church, this should be even more so in the world. The church tends to become very preoccupied with its own affairs, obsessed with petty, parochial trivia, while the needy world outside is waiting. So the Son sends us out into the world, as the Father had sent him into the world. Mission arises from the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus” (Cross of Christ, 290).


5 thoughts on “What the Cross Means for Christians: John Stott Gleanings

  1. Totally agree. As Christians we are not to consume ourselves with our issues and problems for if we are truly living the Christian life, we’ve given our stuff to God and because of this we can share, give of our time and resources to others who are in need of not just the physcial things but also spiritual. It is such a great feeling and blessing when you see someone who doesn’t expects anything, receive.

  2. I am blessed to be part of a church that focuses on the needs of others more than its own needs.
    It is an opportunity to see God’s faithfulness as we depend on Him. It also shows the maturity of the congregation.

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