Listening with Both Ears


When Nebuchadnezzar had a dream about an image, the head of which was gold, Daniel relayed the dream and gave the king the interpretation. According to Daniel chapter 3:1-7, after Nebuchadnezzar received what Daniel told him, Nebuchadnezzar made an image, supposedly like the one in his dream, except with one important distinction: not only was the head gold, it was completely gold!

Here’s the point: when we read or hear the Word of God, we have to listen with both ears. We can’t simply choose what we like to listen to or what’s convenient or what’s positive and encouraging. God inspired both the encouraging and the convicting texts in the Bible. Therefore, we need to listen to both in its proper season; there is a season for everything.

When told that the Bible was just a mixed up book that didn’t make any sense, Mark Twain responded, “I have more difficulty with the passages I do understand than with the passages I do not understand.”

That being said, it would be unwise of us to pick and choose which portions of God’s Word we’ll listen to, like Nebuchadnezzar did. We must listen to it entirely — and do it (Matthew 12:50).




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