World Vision’s Lack of Biblical Sight

UPDATE (3/27/14): WorldVision said to reverse decision here.

Via Huffington Post and Christianity Today, the CEO of World Vision, Richard Stearns, recently introduced a policy change that will make most Christians’ radar sound. They are now hiring, what he’s referring to as, gay Christians — if they’re married.

First, I have a problem with the title “gay Christian.” Stearns has made the popular mistake of making homosexuality wrong only in a promiscuous, unmarried context. He said, “[This policy change] also allows us to treat all of our employees the same way: abstinence outside of marriage, and fidelity within marriage.” Ah! So marriage is the great issue — not the boundaries established by Genesis 1-2 and later portions of the Bible, like 1 Corinthians 6:9-11, which expects men and women who confess Christ as their King to cease sexual immorality, idolatry, and homosexuality.

Next, I don’t think that Stearns was making a solid decision. It sounds to me like a punt on 3rd down and 8, or maybe even a concession, or a go-with-the-flow thought. He says, for example, that the homosexuality issue should be left up to the authority of the churches, since WV is more of an operational arm than a theological arm. But the churches, and WV, are Christian organizations, both alike gaining their moral groundwork from the Bible, the World of God. Aside from the Bible, the Church has no authority.

Finally, Stearns hopes to not tear churches apart, but is he succeeding? The truth is, churches are already torn apart by this issue. What he did, in my humble opinion, was place more pressure on the tear. What he may not realize is that he makes loving, caring, evangelistic Christians looks like single-issue haters, because they don’t acquiesce on major issues — if some imaginary standard like marriage is met (there is no verse in support of married homosexuality).

This is not a simple, straightforward issue socially. Stearns just complicated it more — unnecessarily — in the “Christian” arena, too. I believe it was a mistake. But I also believe that we should expect this more and more, even from those who we thought would never succumb to an unbiblical worldview. In the meantime, let’s love God with all of our heart, mind, and strength; and let’s love our neighbor, no matter who they are.




3 thoughts on “World Vision’s Lack of Biblical Sight

  1. I am not sure why sexuality came into play as part of the hiring process. I have hired many people in my 19 years of management and have never had sexual preference as a question on an application nor an interview. Perhaps it is a policy of World Vision, but frankly I don’t see a place for this. Do they ask applicants if they watch pornography? In my opinion, this article is going to change the focus off what they are about: tackling world poverty and injustice.

    1. Thank you, Betty. Great question. Good point. This is the result of WV being a “Christian humanitarian organization.” They state it here. D and I have personally sponsored children through their organization.

  2. I totally agree with all of your opinions and insights. It’s a go with the flow attitude that most people are taking these days. Therefore we won’t step on anyone’s toes.

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