Are You Healthy? The Medial Meniscus and Spiritual Wellness



So . . . the verdict has been reached. But first, let me tell you how the verdict came about in the first place.

I’ve been experiencing pain . . . an ongoing sense of discomfort that would even keep me up at night. It’s in my knee. Whether or not something acute took place, I can’t recall. But I do know that my knee has been killing me, aching, screaming for attention. Unable to deny it any longer, I recently saw an orthopedic surgeon. He examined me, both by listing to my story and by placing his hands on me to examine the hurt area. Afterword, to see what was happening on the inside clearly, he prescribed an MRI. The results were clear: I have multiple tears in my medial meniscus.

It made me think. So it is with our Christian faith. When there’s pain, discomfort, or an inability to sleep, a hurt area of our emotional/spiritual body is crying out for our attention. We need to realize the hurt and see someone who can guide us, both by listening (Proverbs 18:13; Ecclesiastes 3:7b) and by laying hands on us in prayer (James 5:13-15). There may even be some kind of prescription for a skilled counselor, who can clearly perceive what’s happening on the inside.

Yet, here’s still another step. The surgeon said, “Once I’m in there, I’ll know if a repair is possible, but a total removal and replacement is more probable.” Isn’t that what God does to us? As we work, through the word, our Church, and our Christian friends, we see the hurt areas of our lives and discover what can be repaired and what — or who! — simply needs to be removed and replaced by something — or someone! — that will not cause us pain and aching and sleeplessness (2 Corinthians 6:14-18).

God is gracious. For that I will always be thankful. But in His grace, He often causes or allows us to undergo some pain for a greater future pleasure. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of walking with a limp.




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