7 Reasons Why the Miami Heat Lost: And What We Can Learn

Miami Heat

I’m not a basketball coach, and this isn’t meant to be a column for ESPN.com. But here are 7 reasons why I think the Heat struggled during these 5 games . . . and what we can learn from them.

  1. The Spurs played at incredible speed. Their passing, their lack of hesitancy inside and outside of the paint, and their 16 fast break points demonstrate that speed.
  2. The Spurs made a high percentage of shot attempts. These guys simply had a focus that wouldn’t be deterred by defense. They made upwards of 75%. Amazing.
  3. The Spurs had 2nd shot opportunities off rebounds. Their speed of play gave them greater opportunities for rebounds.
  4. The Heat never adjusted. The Spurs pushed them into a mold and the Heat never got out of it . . . they never played their own game. This is evidenced by the fact that guys like Wade and Allen were nearly invisible last night.
  5. The Heat made a low percentage of shots. Aside from a few minutes in each game, their shooting got sloppier and sloppier, the charges to the rim were weaker and weaker.
  6. The Heat didn’t recover enough rebounds. And . . . there were too many shots taken without offensive support under the rim. You can’t win games without rebounds.
  7. The Heat bench didn’t contribute significantly enough to assist starters. In game 5, Mills and Ginobili had 17 and 19 points respectively. The heat bench didn’t come anywhere near these numbers.

As it is in basketball, so it is in life. You cannot play someone else’s game and experience success. You have to play the game that God designed YOU to play. You have to play to your strengths and resist anyone who tries to force you out of those strengths, because ultimately you will pay the price. If you want to win, learn how to rebound. And build a team around you who will back you up with poise, effort, and talent. Don’t foolishly go after your goals — make every shot count!

Another (faithful but) disappointed Heat fan,



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