How to Combat Disappointment


This Sunday, we covered a tough topic: “How to Combat Disappointment.” You can listen here. But the points were short and precise, so I thought I’d share them with you here, too. Hope they help!

In order to combat disappointment, you must:

  1. Place your hope in God — First thing must be first. We often place ourselves in disappointment’s reach when our hope is in someone or something other than God (Romans 15:13).
  2. Keep your hope in God — We all need reminders. Life forces adjustments and as a result, even if we place our hope in God, we have to “replace” it in Him again. Even the psalmist confesses this (Psalm 42:5, 11: notice the word “again”).
  3. Share your hope in God — Finally, the Christian faith is about sharing: sharing good news. Hope is good news. And when we’re asked about our hope, we should take that opportunity to speak honestly and candidly about Jesus (1 Peter 3:15).




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