Why Can Jesus Be Seen Everywhere But Our Reason!?


HLN recently did an article on a Texas woman who reportedly saw Jesus’ face in a moth’s wing design. You can read about it here. Personally, I’m a little tired of the window virgin Mary, the cloud Jesus, and now the moth Jesus. I mean, my kids have seen alligators and cars in the shape of clouds…we don’t worship either. And to add muck to the moth, there’s a resurgence in the argument that Jesus was never even an historical figure, further contending that Christians made up the crucifixion idea through sheer embarrassment after Jesus was crucified!

People are looking so incredibly hard in all the wrong directions. If you want to know Aristotle, read Ethics. If you want to know Plato, then read The Republic. Why is it that Christians (so-called) have to “see” some form of Christianity or Roman Catholicism in everything–even a grilled-cheese sandwich! If you want to know about Christ and Christianity, then stop looking at insects, visual effect, and toast and start reading the New Testament.

God’s language about images is pretty severe. And I imagine that when we see Him–and I believe that we will–we’ll all be in for a very serious surprise.




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