Secular Philosophy’s Inability to Appreciate Religious Passion


Four rabbis were killed and many others injured when synagogue attendees were attacked while leaving worship. According to the NY Post, 3 of the four victims were Americans. Of course, following such a tragedy, government officials will stand up to a microphone and give the perfunctory remark, “This is terror,” which will remind us all that words mean little without action. We’ll wonder, “Did you say terrorism? As in terrorist group? As in there will be recompense?” Of course, none of these issues is ever clearly defined by the powers that be. Instead, they will “act” humane and do…probably nothing. Again.

Meanwhile, there’s a group of people around the world that is sick and tired of such heartless brutality, and the quiet, gentle governmental hum that typically follows it like an insult following an injury. In a word, the “powers” simply don’t get it. If you ever watch the news, or listen to virtually any politician, then you have been made privy to exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the sheer inability of a secular philosophy to grasp the radicalness of a religious passion. Let me explain.

We have lost Americans, journalists and aid workers, to this religious fever. We lost government and military personnel in Benghazi (regardless of your stance) to this religious fever. We are losing American teens and young adults, some of whom are fleeing our country to train with a group whose sole purpose is to destroy anyone who disagrees with them, principally the West and the United States of America, the very culture from which these teenagers originated. They are promised pride, power, and a prosperous afterlife. And what is our answer? What is our fortified response? “It doesn’t matter what you believe, as long as you believe it sincerely.” At least some Americans have seen through this lie, even if it’s only led them down a more harmful path.

Meanwhile, the conversations that are happening around this country, especially for niche oriented voters, are a laughable joke in the face of a group tirelessly training to do one thing: ride the world of our culture, wellbeing, and existence.

As I said above, we can only conclude 1 thing. Secular philosophy is densely ignorant of the reality in which arguably the boldest religion in the world lives and breathes and dies. It’s constantly failing to give the proper acknowledgement of the lengths to which this group will go to express its religious fever. It’s uncompromising in its objective. It’s unrelenting in its aim. It’s unfazed by opinions and “talks.”

What has American secular philosophy gained for us? We have so often failed to do what is right and firm and bold, for the sake of some “correctness,” refusing to turn our back to anyone or anything, that we are now standing with our backs against a wall. If our leaders–and the leaders of the world–don’t take the grave chasm between secular philosophy and this religious fever seriously, this brutal reality, which is happening with greater and greater frequency than ever before, will be on our doorstep again.


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