The Gospel and Racial Harmony: Will Ferguson Last Forever?

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In my often pessimistic attitude, I wonder if even discussing the racial issue is worth effort–mine to write or yours to read. Seems to me like what has been happening has been happening for years. Indeed, it’s sad that it still does.

But when I think about the cost of racial harmony, namely, the sacrificial death of Jesus for men, women, and children of all ethnicities, cultures, and backgrounds, it frustrates me to see such…animosity between human beings, regardless of their color or rationale. I think it would be wise to do 4 things.


Too many people are ignorant of the facts…on both sides of the issue! Education is thrown aside too often in favor of emotionalism. We should only permit our emotions to catch fire when our education is stoking the flame.


If you want to know how someone is feeling, listen to them. Unfortunately, there is a myriad of people shouting and screaming and cursing. Few, if any, are listening. I don’t know if anyone has invited anyone on the other side of the issue for a calm and sensible conversation. Again, this goes for both sides of the issue.


Slavery is over. But the effects of slavery are still being felt by many cultures and families. It would be foolish not to acknowledge this fact, when many of our friends’ parents remember having to use separate bathrooms, water fountains, and schools.


Prayer is a tool that unifies and equalizes so many people across so many issues. Can you imagine how many lives would be changed if people in the streets would simply pray before they begin their day, before they react with violence?




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