Advent – 3 Facilitators of Hope


We hope for a lot of things. We hope that it won’t rain. We hope that the Dolphins will win (oops). We hope that Coach Al Golden will have a sharp year (congratulation Kaaya!) now that he’s extended his stay at Miami and is starting fresh. But in the end, all of these hopes are really, really uncertain in their outcome. Maybe they’ll happen. Maybe not.

The Bible uses the word hope, too. But it uses it differently. When the Bible uses the word hope, it is referring to a confident expectation in the future, the anticipation of something great. We, however, often use the word hope in a very uncertain, secular sense. So, how can we become better at having a more biblical definition of hope in our lives? Here are 3 suggestions.

Pray hopeful prayers — We often pray as if we aren’t sure of God’s ability to intervene and do miraculous things in our lives. We need to pray hopeful prayers, prayers that are bathed in a faith that believes God will act on our behalf (and His!) in the future, as He has in the past. That’s hopeful prayer.

Read hopeful Scripture — We get plenty of negative talk from the news and media; we get plenty of faithless advertising; we get plenty of hallow ethics. We need to read texts that inspire our hope again, so that we can go into our worlds and invest the hope that God has shared with us with others.

Talk hopeful conversations — Beware of parasitic people who steal away your hope and do not give anything in return. If someone says they are in your life but never send you a thoughtful text or ask you how you are, then they’re not really in your life. You and I need people in our lives who are willing to invest in our hope through hopeful conversations.



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