Can We Learn About King Jesus from King Abdullah II?

Jordan's King Abdullah II
Jordan’s King Abdullah II

Recently, ISIS burned a Jordanian pilot alive. (I won’t attach the horrific video, but it’s available.) Of course, because they’re attention gatherers, ISIS filmed and photoed the entire event. As a result, Jordan’s King Abdullah II, who was a general and consequently is familiar with protecting one’s own people, territory, and overall purpose, has angrily promised a military reaction from Jordan. It’s already begun to unfold.

Regardless of your politics, King Abdullah II got me to think about another king–King Jesus. He identifies with His suffering people (Acts 9:4). He promises retribution (Matthew 25:31-46). And in the end, He comes as a conquering King (Revelation 19:11ff.), because He is the “King of kings and Lord of lords” (Revelation 19:16).

I don’t know how this world will end exactly, but it doesn’t look good. I don’t even know how this ISIS situation will continue to unfold, but I’m not seeing a whole lot of push back or public outcry like I do, for say, same-sex marriage. But I do know this–there is a King to whom everyone will answer, and His name is not Abdullah II. If Abdullah II will defend and avenge his people, I can only imagine what King Jesus has in store….




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