Lessons Learned from a Mid-Week Picnic


This week, my wife and I took our kids (and my mom!) to the park for a picnic. No, it wasn’t a Saturday or Sunday. No, we didn’t have it planned a week in advance. No, we didn’t order from some French bistro nearby. But it was great–for all of us. We were gently reminded, in that sunny, late-February South Florida weather, that taking time for “what really matters,” as my wife refers to it, isn’t done nearly as often as it needs to be. Anyway, it was great, and here are a few reasons why.

  1. It was spontaneous. Spontaneity is the energy that gets us to good times. Life can be planned to death. Sometimes, especially for kids, spontaneity is what gets us where we want to be–having fun for no good reason at all.
  2. Families (not just kids) need a break. School. Work. Homework. Practice. Projects. It never ends. As a parent, I realize that my children are happier, more lighthearted, and a lot less snappy when they’ve had unstructured time invested in them. It’s a simple formula. Love + Fun = Happy.
  3. It was refreshing. Being indoors, head down in a book or project, 12 hours out of the day, is detrimental to anyone’s wellbeing! Getting fresh air, talking about “nothing,” and relaxing is a good medicine.

So, when’s your picnic?



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