Which P Is Keeping You from Jesus?


This weekend, we covered a text that is found in Mark 5. In it, Jairus, the ruler of a synagogue, approaches Jesus and asks Him, “implores” Him, to heal his dying daughter. Jesus agrees. But the interesting this about this story is the fact that Jairus approaches Jesus at all. In order to do so, he had to overcome 3 P’s.


First, he had to overcome his prejudice. At this point in His ministry, Jesus wasn’t a popular figure among the synagogues, and therefore it wouldn’t have been popular for Jairus to approach Jesus. There was a prejudicial thinking about Jesus in Jarius’s circles. Nevertheless, in view of His need and the fact that Jesus was performing miracles, Jairus had to overcome his prejudice.


Second, Jairus had to overcome his preference. Certainly, in view of Jesus’ unpopularity among many of the Jewish leaders, Jairus would have preferred to have his daughter healed through another means, maybe doctors. But our preferences shouldn’t dictate our behavior. That would be childish. Jairus did what he knew he had to do…he implored Jesus. We have to be brave enough to forego our preferences if we would approach Jesus.


Finally, Jairus had to overcome his pride. Too many of us are willing to “go down with the ship,” so to speak, rather than submit our lives to Jesus. Why? You and I, we can’t afford to maintain our pride if it’s keeping us from Jesus. According to Jesus, if we would have eternal life, we must be willing to lose this one (Matthew 16:25). Our pride can seriously endanger our relationship with Jesus.

We all have battles with at least 1 of these 3 P’s from time to time. Don’t let anything, not prejudice, preference, or pride, keep you from Jesus!




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