The Curse of the Familiar

This weekend, I shared from a text that is familiar with many people. It’s the text that describes Jesus’ experience in his hometown, the experience that led Him to say the words that are often quoted today: “A prophet is not without honor, except in his hometown and among his relatives and in his own household” (Mark 6:4).

There are times when, as Christians, like Jesus, we may face the curse of the familiar. This happens when we are rejected, not because we are wrong but because we are known. We can relate to this, because, like the town’s people, we ourselves tend to undervalue tho things that we are most familiar with. Husbands sometimes undervalue wives; wives sometimes undervalue husbands; students sometimes undervalue their educators; church members sometimes undervalue their churches. We tend to undervalue what we are most familiar with.

On a practical note, we must be careful that we don’t reject Christian principles, like prayer and forgiveness, simply because they’re familiar to us. That would be a tragedy.

The curse of the familiar can be found anywhere. But it shouldn’t be found in a Christian.



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