6 Reasons Why You Should Memorize Scripture

Bible Hebrews

I remember being impressed by someone’s ability to memorize Scripture. It was an idea that never even occurred to me beforehand. But I was so impressed by it, I began the discipline of memorization myself–and have always profited from it. I want to take a moment and share 6 reason why you should memorize Scripture, too.

  1. Scripture transforms our thinking. We all have a bent in our thinking, but that bent isn’t toward God. Memorizing Scripture helps us transform our thinking. See Romans 12:2.
  2. Scripture is a jewel. Throughout history, people have memorized prized portions of literature (and movie lines!). The Bible is no exception. It’s a jewel that we should prize and possess in our minds and hearts. See Psalm 119:11.
  3. Scripture is the Holy Spirit’s handle. The handle by which the Spirit steers us is often His Word, which speaks directly to our life and circumstances. It’s hard, for example, to ignore the needs of others when you have Matthew 7:12 memorized. Check it out.
  4. Scripture provides simple clarity. In our society of memes, quotes, and tweets, Scripture memorization also provides simple and quick clarity. God’s Word has been largely designed to be memorized and recited. See 1 Thessalonians 5:17.
  5. Scripture provides encouragement. “Doesn’t the Bible say something about . . .” just doesn’t fix anything. But when someone is needing an encouraging word, and you can offer it because you have it tucked away in your mind and heart, ready to be used, something powerful happens. See Romans 15:4.
  6. Scripture memorized is Scripture meditated. The word meditate means to chew, to rethink, to reconsider. Memorizing Scripture helps us meditate, because our minds are constantly chewing and reconsidering the verse we’re memorizing. See Psalm 119:15.

So, here are 6 reasons why you should memorize Scripture. Not sure where to start? Each point above has a simple but powerful verse that’s worth memorizing. Start practicing. The next installment will be on memorization practices and what works best for me personally.




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