3 Ways to Memorize Scripture

Brain Power

As I stated earlier this week in my first post on Scripture memorization, there are a number of reasons Christians should absorb Bible verses. But here’s a logistical question: how do we actually do the memorizing? Well, this is something that can be suggested, but ultimately everyone has to experiment to find the way that works best for them. Below are a few suggestions that I think can work for nearly anyone.

My Way

I have always used the same method to memorize Scripture (although I can attest to using the other 2 methods occasionally, too). Here’s how I memorize a verse:

  • I write it…5-10 times on a paper.
  • I recite it…as I’m reading and writing it. It’s important, though, to recite it aloud.
  • I write it again…but this time on a 3×5 card, with the verse on the front and the address of the verse on the back. This gives me the ability to create a stack as I memorize more and more verses.

The Techie’s Way

I’m not a techie. I love journals, pens, writing my thoughts, sending notes…. But not everyone is like that, so I’d like to offer a few options to memorizing Scripture for “techies.”

  • Use apps. A couple worth checking out are: BibleMinded, by the American Bible Society, offers categories and topics, an option for review, and more. It also has a high rating at 4+. Something simpler might be the ESV Bible (this is free and allows you to set some verse to “favorite” and they’re saved for you).
  • Use the Voice Memo feature on your iPhone. Who uses this thing anyway? Record yourself reading the verse, then listen to it until it sticks! You can even title the memo with the verse’s address, like 2 Timothy 2:15.

The Non-Reader’s Way

Not everyone enjoys reading…and some people have better recall through audible learning. For these, I would suggest an audio Bible or website that allows you to stream audio Bibles. Max McLean has a great audio version of the ESV. Simply set the week to a certain chapter or book. (Interestingly, you may begin to recall large portions this way, too.) Here are some suggestions:

  • Click here for the audio Bible on MP3 or CD.
  • Click here for the site.

One last thing. Don’t sabotage yourself. Start simple. Memorize 1-2 verses a week. If you’ve never memorized God’s Word before, start by reading passages regularly and, perhaps to your surprise, your mind will start grabbing it without effort. Memorization is an easy 2nd step at that point.

Hope this helps to get you on track memorizing God’s Word.




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