Focusing Upward: A Trajectory of Glory


“If then you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above.” Colossians 3:1

For the Christian, the every-day nonchalance that mercilessly beats human beings into the ground should be the last problem faced, because, for the Christian, the mind is a gateway to splendid considerations.

Writing to the church at Colossae, the Apostle Paul is challenging the church at Colossae, and us subsequently, to “seek the things that are above,” the greater things, the things that require a trajectory of glory.

If a mind is absorbed with these things, then it cannot be overcome by boredom on the one extreme or evil and hate on the other. The mundane doesn’t stand a chance. And tribulation, like what we’re seeing around the world right now, is simply the bodies exiting to the world the mind has been focusing on all the while.




2 thoughts on “Focusing Upward: A Trajectory of Glory

  1. Hello pastor Joe Mira, my name is Keith Underwood i attend the men conference at Glendale Baptist Church i really enjoyed your teaching thank you so much. please kindly send me a copy of the entire topic for my future reference.

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