Marco Rubio Said That?


Well, the political train continues to move down the tracks. (This is not a political note, by the way.) And to the dismay of many, Marco Rubio has suspended his campaign for the presidency of the United States of America. When that decision was made, he gave a speech that was approximately 14 minutes. Now, this isn’t a cry for votes, or my view of who you should vote for in lieu of Rubio, but it is a note that is aimed at helping all of us be more public about our faith. When it comes to winning and losing, well, it’s not easy to lose. Still, it’s harder to lose graciously. But if you click here and watch this video of Marco Rubio’s speech (begin at the 12:30 mark), I think you will learn a thing or two…

“[God] has a plan for every one of our lives. And everything that comes from God is good.”


Pastor Joe


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