3 Things I Learned from the Seder


This weekend, a Jews for Jesus missionary named Robyn Wilk came to lead our church through a Passover Seder, explaining and revealing all of the redemptive pictures in each and every aspect of the meal. First of all, although this is something we’ve done before, it’s such an eyeopening event to participate in: every God-fearning person should do it at some point in their journey. But here are 3 things that I personally walked away with and wanted to share.

God is passionate about redemption 
Everything that God has done He has done with a specific purpose, a specific reason; that is, to give His people redemption from sin and slavery. The things that God has done, and instructed His people to do, have always been to make much of His name and to liberate His people from bondage, whether it be sin or Egypt and Pharaoh.

God is passionate about the generations
Tradition isn’t always something to be cast aside or eradicated from our lives. Instead, tradition reminds us of historical beauty. The steps that tradition guide us through instruct the next generation of something that was meaningful and important. If tradition is completely jettisoned, then how will the next generation hear the stories of God’s redemption?

God is passionate about process
From the first Passover, God has given His people a process. We often resist process, because we want be our own rulers, but God’s process always serves a purpose. It’s amazing to me that, not only is the Seder itself instructional, but even the process itself is instructional. We shouldn’t resist the process that God has passed to us.

Obviously, as a Christian and as a pastor, I already knew these things, but I would be dishonest if I said I wasn’t reminded of them in a powerful way by the Seder. If you have never participated in a Seder, I encourage you to make plans to do so next year.




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